Наталия Кондакова

Business Development Director в Metaps (Asia)
Киев, Украина
Области деятельности: Управление, Другое, Локализация, Продажи и маркетинг, Поддержка
Тип аккаунта: Постоянный, бесплатный

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Metaps is a mobile app marketing and consulting agency (Android / IOS) that is dedicated to providing clients with an effective business strategy and delivering a variety of marketing campaigns in Asia.
Thus our services include: market entry guidance, localization, app store optimization, custom creative designs, review sites and blogger outreach, branding and viral marketing campaigns, analytics and insights, app launch burst campaigns, sustained campaigns, and custom performance marketing campaigns, as well as offline campaigns as TV commercials and others.

We work exclusively in Asia with lots of Asian clients like IGG, Gumi, Western as GoodGames and others.We worked with almost all AAA Asian titles in order to help them to succeed in Asia. Thus with our help IGG went to IPO the last year, we are going to IPO this year.

We are global strategic partner of Line and partner of Kakao. Metaps operates its own global Android ad network (biggest in Asia in terms of games) and provides both rewarded and non-rewarded CPI advertising solutions to our customers worldwide.
We do provide some of the services which are not Metaps’s solutions, but are strong local partnerships that are capable to facilitate these services for the developer.
Thus we usually working as “one stop shop” for our clients.

We offer clients with the knowledge and expertise and our ultimate goal is to help guide clients to succeed in Asian markets. We have offices in Tokyo, Japan (HQ), Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Taipei and London.

Пользователь является сотрудником:

Metaps (Asia)
  • Business Development Director c Октябрь 2014 по настоящее время
  • Business Development Manager c Сентябрь 2011 по Сентябрь 2014

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