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Wargaming has launched a contest for the best game with a reward of $10 000

10.03.2016 11:39

The authors of World of Tanks as part of their own "laboratory for supervising the external projects" WG Labs have launched a contest for the best gaming innovation project.

The winner will receive $10 000, as well as a possibility to become renown. To participation are invited "young and ambitious", whose project which has reached at least to the stage of alpha, has the PvP, clear development system, collectible items, a random-generated content, as well as elements of micromanagement or RPG. You don’t need to follow all of the above mentioned requirements, at least 3 out of 5.

However the list of requirements does not end here. The game may not contain PvP, but there must be a multiplayer. As for monetization, (surprise!) there are no restrictions (if you want to make a premium project - please, free-to-play - no problem). Speaking of platforms, the game must be either for PC, or - for mobile platforms.

The goal of the contest, according to Wargaming, "attract more developers" to Wargaming Labs project. The latter, let us remind, was launched last summer as a unit, "developing original and innovative projects for the gaming industry in collaboration with third-party developers." In other words, as a publisher.
You can submit your project until the end of April. Names of the winners will be announced at the end of May. To learn more about the contest visit http://wglabs.com/en/dev_contest/.

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