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21.08.2012 15:28

Game development company "BidOn Entertainment" decided to launch a series of games for the mobile platforms, that will help users to be healthy and more cheerful. All these games involve users to move for a victory. At first their games develop as gun simulators.

With help of unique algorithm of accelerometer processing, first version of Cowboy Duel for iPhone was very popular in some countries. Every 100 citizen of Kuwait downloaded this game (more than 30K downloads from Kuwait city). It was #1 Role Playing game in two App Store.

The main aim of the first version was gather feedbacks. New version 2.0 was born base on most popular suggestions. It became more realistic and more interactive.

Everyone who wants to have some adventures or fun with colleagues, friends or family, can play this game anywhere and anytime. This duel can be played via internet. It’s casual game with easy rules. Gamer must shoot faster than opponent. Award is a part of money of the enemy. The more money opponent has, the larger quantity of money winner will get. User will also have an opportunity to become richer, if he invite new users to this game.

This App comprises 10 spectacular levels, which will lead gamer from the title of "Junior" to "Angel of Death". All achievements and high scores are posted on Game Center and Facebook leaderboard http://apps.facebook.com/bidon_duels/.

Multiplayer duel, unique sound effects, nice animations, great new artwork – all these things can be found in this game, so don’t miss such a chance to play this awesome game. It's completely FREE.

The most active players will have an opportunity to take part in a fight lasting till 8 October with an award which is a new IPad. The more golds you have - the biggest chance to win the prise.

See you in Saloon!

Related videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/cowboyduel

Available on App Store http://cowboyduel.mobi/

Facebook fan page: http://www.cowboyduel.com/

Official site: http://cowboyduel.info/

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