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Ukrainians in Cologne, or How BidOn Games Exhibited at Gamescom 2014

03.02.2016 13:50

Gamescom is surely one of the most anticipated game dev and gaming events. For BidOn Games, it was even more so, since it’s the first conference of that scope where our young brand would be an exhibitor.
5 days of new impressions were almost too much for us to focus on business and the actual goal of our coming there, but we managed to. Ukrainian game devs BidOn Games had their very first exhibiting space at Gamescom.

Let’s face the truth: our humble booth was nothing as grand as the awesome exhibiting spaces of Wargaming and other big players, but we did have some great conversations with our visitors, and made lots of new connections. Moreover, the ‘wonders’ of the biggest booths out there were a good inspiration for us to move towards the level of the best games at Gamescom 2014.

So, how can we describe this year’s Gamescom in one word? You know yourself. Legendary is what it was. Take a look.

We came to Germany several days earlier, so there was still time for a short walk around the beautiful Cologne (even though a bit unfriendly without any sunshine).

The gloomy weather didn’t spoil the fun, though. We met a pretty original street musician, who made a living playing waterpipes. The guy had just come back from Ibiza, which made us wonder: how much money can you actually make playing waterpipes? Apparently, game development is not the only industry where the big bucks are.

The next few days were pretty busy: we needed to get our booth ready.

Samsung was also getting their exhibiting space ready, and we took a sneak peek at it. What you see is an actual truck, which also served as a movable office for the exhibitor’s staff.

Gamescom’s business area was buzzing with visitors and exhibitors, and we we fairly busy having meetings with potential partners.

When we finally made it to the entertainment zone, though, we realized the business area was a desert in comparison. All these are just the people in the hallway, waiting for their turn to get in.

And these are all the people waiting in line to play the new versions of their favorite games or the newly released titles.Assassin’s Creed Unity was presented with the grandeur it deserved.Ubisoft’s exhibiting space could easily be used as a landmark: you could see it from far away.Wargaming’s kept up with it: they attracted thousands of visitors with their show.All these people are Sims fans, playing the new Sims4.Meanwhile, BidOn Games’ CTO was acting Witcher.

All in all, Gamescom 2014 was unforgettable, and we’d like to thank everyone who took time to stop by our booth and meet us! Hope we’ll meet again next year.

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