Words Kingdom

Дата начала: 13.06.2007
Дата окончания: 01.10.2007
Статус: Вышел
Платформа: PC
Жанр: Casual
Локализация: да
Сайт: http://magicindie.com/
Администратор: Igor Holban

Дополнительная информация:

"...in a morning everything suddenly changed. They came from the sea... the Barbarians. Thousands of them... with only one thing on their mind... destroy. They've take over us. Our homes... our children... our lives. But there will come a day and a leader will rise, uniting under his sword the faith of an entire nation. And will lead us to victory!"

Words Kingdom is an exciting word puzzle game in which the player has the role of a brave knight trying to free the kingdom from barbarian invaders.

Game Features

* Challenging gameplay
* Campaign and classic game modes
* Interesting subject story
* Hand drawn graphics
* Calm orchestral music and sounds

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