Bigfoot: Hidden Giant (Nook)

Дата начала: 27.12.2012
Статус: Вышел
Платформа: Android
Жанр: Casual / Adventure
Локализация: да
Администратор: Julia Lykhvar

Дополнительная информация:


Does Bigfoot exist? Hunt for evidence of the legendary Sasquatch in this Hidden Object investigation. Scattered sightings of the elusive creature are reported when a chemical spill wreaks havoc next to a nature preserve. When Linda encounters something in her own backyard, she sets out on a mission to discover the truth. Follow Linda and track down the mysterious creature at Brownswood National Park, neighbor to the new Axeswim Chemical plant. Search for clues using tools, solving puzzles and playing mini-games. Get to the bottom of this urban legend in this striking hidden object tale Bigfoot: Hidden Giant.

Appealing storyline
Intense graphics
9 riveting chapters
28 intriguing locations to search
19 provocative mini-games to play

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