S.E.D.: Special Enquiry Detail®

Дата начала: 08.07.2015
Дата окончания: 28.04.2016
Статус: Вышел
Платформа: Android
Жанр: Simulator / Adventure / Strategy
Локализация: да
Сайт: http://www.g5e.com/games/sed_special_enquiry_detail_android
Администратор: Julia Lykhvar

Дополнительная информация:

Are you a born detective? Then put your skills to the test with this riveting hidden object game!
Join the famous S.E.D. Detectives Turino and Lamonte and help return law and order to the streets of New York. A series of sensational murders has turned the city upside down, from a bleeding portrait on a wall to a dead body found with a deer head. And that’s just the beginning….
Head to the crime scenes and show your sleuthing abilities. Search every nook and cranny, gather evidence, interrogate suspects and analyze forensic material in the advanced crime lab. Be painstakingly diligent as even the tiniest hair could help solve these dreadful crimes. Plunge into the unforgettable stories of S.E.D.: Special Enquiry Detail® today and bring the killers to justice!

● 10 uniquely horrific cases to crack, with many more to come via free updates
● Over 40 unsettling crime scenes to investigate
● 20 thrilling mini-games to master
● 45 collections to gather for bonuses and awards, plus more on the way
● An Interactive Detective Case Board for organizing clues
● Regular free updates with loads of new content

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